Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality

You have a trailblazing role. As a woman whose been chosen by The Goddess, your mission is to bring sexual healing, sensual medicines and restore the Sacred Feminine consciousness to this planet.

You have walked this earth many, many times over and have gathered profound sexual awakening codes that are deeply buried in your body.

Those who have been called to bring sacred sexuality back in this lifetime will create specific life and relationship experiences designed to illuminate these ancient sexual codings. With dance, seduction and pleasure.

This is the kind of female sexuality that is not well-documented in our patriarchal societies. Women have been led so far away from their true sexual consciousness, wisdom and power that we find ourselves living in a world that morally judges, identifies and controls women for the way in which we manage our own sexual energy – and not just by men. Women have been my harshest judges about my how I express and embrace my sexuality, especially other bellydancers.

There are so many deeply ingrained beliefs and messages about female sexuality - all of them conditional, moral and highly-judgmental - that most women learn to experience their own sexual consciousness through a tight, restricted lens of patriarchally-dominant visioning - this visioning tells them clearly and unequivocally from a very early age what is, and what is not, acceptable.

What women and girls all over the world must now know is that a monumental shift is taking place. For thousands of years, the extreme form of control and domination of the toxic masculine has been allowed to reign supreme – attempting to completely devour and silence the sexual power of the divine feminine. However, the long-lost vibration of the Holy, Sacred Sexual High Feminine is returning. It has been a long time since this frequency of the Divine Feminine has been available. The Goddess Consciousness is showing up in the Souls who once worshipped and loved Her. These women are being touched, stirred, brought to life, healed and readied for a Revolution.

Your sexuality is an omnipotent, creative, deeply healing, profoundly sacred and radiant force within you. The world does not even know how deep, mysterious and transformative your powers of sexual awakening and healing are. These powers have been locked away for eons - kept safe and protected in the Heart of the Goddess - until now.

You are enormously, infinitely and explosively powerful in this arena of sexual intimacy. Your sexual energies do far more than just satisfy or bring superficial physical pleasure. You have most likely always known, deep within your heart and beautiful woman's body, that you carry sexual impulses that are not yet recognized by the societies that you find yourself living in.

There are great changes occurring in the way in which you use your sexual energies. You are drawing in new projects & activities that need your creative energy as their mid-wife. You are also drawing in partners who are spiritually ready for the journey of feminine sexual-creative expression that is now unfolding. Make no mistake, this is a very deep journey into realms of sacred-sexual connections that have a great effect on the both of you.

Your sexual nature is wild, uncontainable, limitless, all-powerful, hypnotic, intense and must no longer be attributed to a dying, old, worn-out patriarchal fear of WOMAN.

Never, ever suppress these energies as they rise and live within you. Not many men can handle them yet, but some are coming forward with a willingness to transform from being in this sensual light of yours. More will follow in their wake.

The world will awaken, heal and transform from the unapologetic rise and expression of the true feminine sexual spirit.

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