Sacred tools of Sexcraft

Sacred tools of Sexcraft

Make an altar

Collecting items is quite simple. Gather whatever it is that makes your body quiver — from your deepest, darkest desires to your most innocent longings. Start building, placing the items together or inside a special box. May each piece have a special place in your heart, even the tiniest blade of grass matters if you say it does. Welcome each one to the altar. And with each offering, the altar absorbs your charge.

The ideal altar for sex magic will include all four elements (earth, air, water, fire) plus the fifth (ether). That’s your calling, your divine right, your life’s purpose — you decide how that looks on the altar. But the secret is placing ether as the focal point in order to fortify your sex magic. This will elevate your powers. 


The moon governs the ocean tides of planet Earth each day and it represents the woman’s monthly menstruation cycle. So the position of the Moon can be powerful when practicing sex magic. When it comes to setting a date, a waning moon is to decrease an energy or create boundaries, and a waxing moon to attract and escalate. The full moon for bringing things to fruition, and a new moon to usher in new beginnings


Invoking Goddesses

One of my favorite sex magic techniques is invoking certain deities. Isis, Freya and Aphrodite, Lakshmi and Yemaya are the sex goddesses are written in Sex Magic Spells in this chapter, but you can use whatever deity appeals most to you since sex magic is so personal and intuitional.

Invocation is when you invite the energy inside of yourself and take on the qualities of that spirit. An invocation is a summoning, a calling-by-name, the act of calling for the assistance or presence of a divine being.

Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? It is. A good invocation doesn’t have to be complicated or long. On the other hand, sometimes long and complicated invocations are completely wonderful, providing us with the luxury of enough time to reach the right state of mind/soul.

The word invocation means “to call upon”. It’s originally from the Latin word invocare but comes to us by way of late 15th century French envoquer. You’ll sometimes see the word used exclusively to mean calling a Deity or spirit into yourself (because of the “in” part of the word). While invocation can be used for that purpose, it doesn’t have to be.

Invocation is a way to focus our intention and attention upon a Goddess. It offers a method for awakening and re-awakening in ourselves the knowledge of Her eternal presence. It opens a channel of communication and communion between us and Her. If we have done it well, invocation of a deity will evoke a corresponding emotion from us. When our defenses are down, our emotions are up, and we fully open our hearts and selves to Her, that’s when our invocations are effective, and we find that She is fully present with us. And that is how the magic happens.


Incantation is literally just chanting words to do something. While incantation is the act or process of using formulas and/or usually rhyming words, sung or spoken, in ceremony An incantation can be employed in an invocation; invocation can be the purpose of the incantation.


I made this word up because it fits what I like to do during a sex magic spell – by combining two words; enchantment and incantation. It’s a rhyming incantation repeated to draw enchantment into my spell. I like to use magnetizing energy instead of trying to control energy. Also, I encourage you to make your magic unique to you – not to just ‘be unique’ – but to imbue all that you do before, during and after spell with what feels meaningful to you.



is when you're trying to summon something to a particular spot outside of yourself.

Honor your energy. 

Ultimately you want to choose the words that best fit the flow of your sexual energy. Some energy is receptive (feminine). Other energy is giving (masculine). When receptive energy is dominant, you want to work your sex magic by calling in and receiving what you want. When giving energy is dominant, you want to call forth and release what you want. For this, you can simply substitute the words “call in” with “call forth” and “receive” with “release”. Generally speaking, feminine energy is receptive and masculine energy is giving. But the same person – regardless of sex or gender – may easily work with both of these. For example, I identify as a woman, and while I mainly work sex magic that calls what I desire toward me, I will also use sex magic to release love in the world and give to others. Trust the words that bubble to the surface with any given request. Those are the one that are right you in the moment.

Creating a Telos.

Before engaging in sex, decide on a telos, an objective you intend to bring about. Choose only one objective at a time, so you can direct your undivided attention toward it. When your body’s zinging like a slot machine with a winning combination, it’s hard enough to focus your mind on your intention. This is not a place to multi-task!

If you are working with a partner – or group of people – discus your telos in advance, and make sure everybody agrees on the result you intend to generate. If each of you has a different agenda, the outcome you produce will likely be garbled. Your conflicting intentions might even block or neutralize on another’s – neither/none of you will get what you want.

Keep it simple. Compose your telos in the form of an affirmation or mantra. Your telos should be something can easily hold in your mind (and perhaps shout out loud) when you’re in the throes of ecstasy.

You may want to create a picture to represent your telos. Images generate results even more effectively than words. That’s because your subconscious understand the language of symbols, myth and metaphor better than English, Chinese, Greek or any other spoken language. If you have an artistic flair, consider making a collage that depicts your intention or a piece of jewelry you can wear.

Tarot cards are good visual tools to use in sex magic. The rich colors, imagery and other symbolism on tarot card speak directly to your subconscious. Choose a card that symbolizes your telos and have it on your altar – nearby where you engage in sex to remind you of your objective. Runes can work too. As well as sigils (a magical symbol). You can even finger paint the rune or sigil on your partner’s body. Crystals and gemstones are amazing sex magic talisman – you can bring crystals that you charged up during the New Moon – and/or you can charge up crystals during sex to use during other spells, or carry with you in your purse for that big job interview, create more wealth and abundance, use to help aid in healing & health issues, remove obstacles in your relationships.

In practicing sex magic, images & crystals offer yet another advantage – you look at the picture or stone and subconsciously grasp its meaning, even if you are too blissed out to remember your own name.


Sigils are fantastic if you are visual person. Sigils are magical symbols that you create using your intention. They represent the thing you’re trying to attract and something you can look at during climax to focus your mind back on your intention at the moment of release.

Sex magick is the art of harnessing the raw altered states of consciousness generated by sexuality to direct your unconscious mind towards manifesting your goals.

1. Your Conscious Mind is a Chatterbox That Always Gets in the Way.

2. Your Unconscious Mind is a “Magical” Powerhouse.

While your conscious mind chatters away, your unconscious is already more or less set on its goals. Its programs are deep and instinctual, even hereditary, and it carries on doing what it’s doing no matter what your conscious mind is telling you. It’s a brutal little dictator that runs your life regardless of the gibberish of your conscious mind. As Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Sex magick is a potent key to doing just that and making the unconscious conscious.

3. Your Unconscious Does Not Speak Your Language. It Speaks in Symbols.

Corporations use logos for a very specific reason: They bypass your conscious filter and go directly into your unconscious. Your unconscious speaks Symbolese. This is why your dreams are full of bizarre and symbolic images and events. If you want to rewire your unconscious, you need to rewire it with symbols.

4. Here’s how to make said symbol, or “sigil”:

– First, decide what you want to happen. For instance: “I want to meet my soulmate” or “I want a new job.”

– Take out the vowels from your sentence. “I want to meet my soulmate” becomes “WNTTMTMSLMT”

– Take out the repeating letters. Now you should have something like “WNTMSL”

– Now take these letters and arrange them into a symbol:


5. Take the symbol and start playing with it, designing it and simplifying it down until you have something that looks suitably magical. What you’re doing here, by the way, is creating a symbol which is still linked to your intent in your unconscious, but which doesn’t directly suggest its meaning.

6. Forget What You Wanted in the First Place.

Take your sigil and put it somewhere safe for a couple weeks. Long enough that you forget what the original intent behind it was—out of sight, out of mind. Your unconscious will remember. Your conscious mind will not. And because your conscious mind won’t remember what it was you wanted, it won’t be able to nitpick, second-guess, out-smart or otherwise tell you why you shouldn’t or can’t have the thing you want. It won’t be able to interrupt the pure Will of your unconscious self.

Starting to see how sex magick works? There’s nothing really “magick” or “occult” about it. It’s just a backdoor into your own nervous system. A way to trick yourself into getting out of your own way.

7. Embed the Sigil.

Once you’ve constructed your sigil and forgotten what it was for, now comes the fun part: Engineering the break in consciousness. You can take any of the steps above but the simplest way to do it is sexual overload, either alone or with a partner. Get into the orgasmic state by whatever means seem best, and at the moment of orgasm, stare unflinchingly at your sigil, imprinting it deep into your mind.

That’s it. Now destroy the physical basis of the sigil, go do something else and forget anything ever happened. There: You just performed sex magick. Give yourself a hand!

Such methods of “reality hacking” are tried and true and effective at hedging the stream of your life towards the outcome you desire within the bounds of your circumstances—meaning, they can help steer you through reality and shape what you think of as “fate.”

Just Do it

Now that you know the basics, I encourage you to try sex magic. Sexual energy is natural, readily accessible, and incredibly powerful. It’s a key to health, wealth, and happiness – literally at your fingertips.

Feel free to play and experiment and work your magic! Make this your own. Drop the words and feel your way through your intention and toward what you want. And if what you want is an orgasm, don’t be afraid to ask for it! One last thing, magic often works by giving us what we really need to get us where we want to beYou may not be ready for exactly what you asked for. If that’s the case, the magic will work by leading you toward the next steps you must take to ultimately receive what you want. So live your life, watch for signs and enjoy watching the magic unfold!

Sex magic has been with us always, and I suspect it always will be. Through sex magic we become reacquainted with the sacredness and primal power of sex. Suddenly, we find ourselves up close and personal with the “real deal,” and it truly does rock our world. You can have and be anything you choose. At this very moment, you possess the ability to make your life whatever you want it to be – not through working hard and struggling, but through expressing the joy and pleasure that are your birthright.

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