Save the Dolphins

Dolphins have suffered much from mankind's use of the sea. Disease caused by polluted waters, death by drowning in fishing nets, injury from boating accidents—all these in addition to what Mother Nature can dole out. There are many ways you can help: by adopting a dolphin, cleaning up the oceans of the world, and even rescuing a stranded dolphin. There are many fine organizations around the globe that make it their goal to do all they can to assist our fellow mammals. These are a few of my favorite organizations; please visit and support them:

The Wild Dolphin Foundation

I work closely with this organization. You can adopt a dolphin on its Web site! The grassroots Wild Dolphin Foundation works at a range of decision-making levels. We work with campaign media, inform decision-makers, develop and advocate solutions, gather data to publish impartial data, and champion the conservation of the marine environment and sustainable livelihoods.

Sea Shepherd

Paul Watson started Greenpeace, but was thrown out for being too radical. That's when he started Sea Shepherd. Marine life is his first and only concern and he will stop at nothing to save it or help others to save it. Sea Shepherd's mission uses research, investigation and documentation of violations of international laws, and regulations and treaties that maintain global bio diversity by protecting marine wild life species.

The Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society

This organization and website is very thorough and complete. It is updated daily and has the latest global news concerning whales, dolphins and the ocean. You can also adopt a dolphin here.

Center for Marine Conservation

This organization is concerned with all marine life, including the ocean and seas.

Earth Island Institute

Earth Island Institute's International Marine Mammal Project works to make oceans safe for marine mammals worldwide.

Surfrider Foundation

This organization was founded by surfers and is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves, and beaches through conservation, activism, research, and education.

Ocean Conservation Society

This organization is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the problems facing the marine ecosystems through volunteer programs that include academic internships, local conservation clean-ups, and eco-tourism research cruises.

Heal the Bay

For fifteen years, Heal the Bay's Beach Report card has been the premier public resource for beach conditions throughout Los Angeles, California.


Marine Mammal Stranding Center

This center, located in New Jersey, provides rescue and rehabilitation to marine mammals stranded on the New Jersey

Shoreline. This facility is excellent and should be the model for every major coast city.

Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network

This center, located in Texas, provides rescue and rehabilitation to marine mammals stranded on the Texas shoreline.

Orrca Inc.

This rescue center is located in Australia.