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  • So, You’re Thinking about Performing a Bellydance Show for the First Time?

    I would bet my bottom dollar that since the moment you began taking belly dance or burlesque classes or practicing with DVDs, you have heard this question: "When are you going to perform for me?" Who could blame them? I could watch  dancers 24/7 and feel like a kid on Christmas morning with each and every shimmy and shake.

    Why not make some money while you get your workout?

    Women wrote me so often with questions about performing a bellydance show for someone special that I included a bonus segment on The Goddess Workout: Intro to Bellydance entitled: "How to Bellydance for Your Man". This segment includes great tips on how to put together your first performance wherever that may be!

    Recently, I have also received inquires about the names of the songs and on which CD is the track that I taught or performed a routine on my Goddess Workout DVDs. So darlings, here in this blogpost, I have listed all the Goddess Workout DVD routines, name of song and # of track from which CD…and a link to listen to clips and download your desired song.

    Click here to listen and download bellydance performance songs

  • Instant Glamour: The Art of Wearing a Wig

    As a bellydancer, I am no stranger to wigs, but I didn’t consider myself an expert until I visited the holy temple of uber glamourous wigs (Fifi Mahoney’s in New Orleans). Imagine a showgirl’s heaven: a little boutique in the French Quarter of New Orleans with glitter, rhinestones, wigs and feathers everywhere! Autographed photos to Fifi of Marilyn, Bettie Page and Jayne Mansfield line the walls above the heads of wigs of every color in the rainbow. The window display has a pale blue glittery wig with a cupcake in the center!


    Click here to read Instant Glamour: The Art of Wearing a Wig

  • In celebration of *BURLESQUE Week - Enter to win a FREE Goddess Workout Burlesque DVD

    In celebration of *BURLESQUE* Week - GoddessLife's Goddess Giveaway prize is The Goddess Workout Burlesque DVD! To enter to win the most glamorous workout ever created is to sign up for our email list. You can unsubscribe at anytime. The winner will be selected at random and posted on our contest page.

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