So, You’re Thinking about Performing a Bellydance Show for the First Time?

I would bet my bottom dollar that since the moment you began taking belly dance or burlesque classes or practicing with DVDs, you have heard this question: "When are you going to perform for me?" Who could blame them? I could watch  dancers 24/7 and feel like a kid on Christmas morning with each and every shimmy and shake.

Why not make some money while you get your workout?

Women wrote me so often with questions about performing a bellydance show for someone special that I included a bonus segment on The Goddess Workout: Intro to Bellydance entitled: "How to Bellydance for Your Man". This segment includes great tips on how to put together your first performance wherever that may be!

Recently, I have also received inquires about the names of the songs and on which CD is the track that I taught or performed a routine on my Goddess Workout DVDs. So darlings, here in this blogpost, I have listed all the Goddess Workout DVD routines, name of song and # of track from which CD…and a link to listen to clips and download your desired song.

Click here to listen and download bellydance performance songs