Social distancing doesn’t mean being disconnected

Social distancing doesn’t mean being disconnected

Dear Sisters,

I hope this love letter finds you. Period. In whatever state you are in. I send you my love, light, and blessings. What a week. Holy Schnikes. It’s been hard to pay attention to anything other than the news in the past 72 hours with the world as we know it changing hour by hour. I know it’s certainly been hard for me.

In fact, I thought about holding off on posting this to share with you the next-level of GoddessLife. Your health and safety, family, and overall well-being need to be the priority today.

But if you feel the yearning to answer the call, you might be looking for a way a new way to connect with your kindred spirits, your soul sisters from all over the globe. I have created our own free online community: The GoddessLife Sisterhood. Off all the socials. This is a true community, a place of belonging and connection. Here you will find content that exists nowhere else, but more importantly – a lot of conversations that exist nowhere else.

Something powerful is being born - much bigger than I alone could create. The most exciting part is that YOU will influence what she becomes. I am covered in tingles at the anticipation of sharing this new creation.

After my dance studio/women’s empowerment center in Los Angeles closed, I went on a journey to discover how The Goddess wanted me to serve her. I moved into a tiny-house cabin-in-the-woods in California to live deliberately.  I simplified my stuff and my schedule of distractions. My days were filled with growing a small farm, cooking and reading and my nights were spent taking moonlight baths outside, star gazing and watching the parade of wildlife. I prayed to Divine Feminine around me and within me. And then I listened to her sweet voice. And she whispered, “Sisterhood.”

I entered the same portal of where the original Goddess Workout videos were born. I’ve become a vessel for the message of the Goddess once again. I know deep in my bones that the new, second act of GoddessLife is much bigger than me. There is no way I could create the epic GoddessLife Sisterhood on my own.  It is my mission in life and the best part is you will influence what it will become.

The GoddessLife Sisterhood is a safe, supportive and inspiring destination to experience true belonging. It’s a reconnection with self. A reconnection with the Feminine. A reconnection with sisterhood.

In our Free GoddessLife Sisterhood:

• A community of the most awesome gang of

        goddesses. Sharing ideas, inspiration, information,

        empowerment, joy, giggles and fellowship

• 30 Day Goddess Challenge - starting April 1st

• Monday Sisterhood Transformation Story

• Wednesday strike a #goddesspose

• Exclusive Articles on:

                Sex Magic

                Divine Feminism

                Sacred Bellydance



If this isn’t a priority for you right now, I get it.

But if you think that you could benefit from a community of women, there is a profound opportunity to engage with the GoddessLife Sisterhood and connect with your sisters in a fun and meaningful way.

And because I really have not said it plainly yet,

What a time to connect to your goddess within.

If there was ever a time to re-energize, re-awaken, re-connect with the divine feminine being within - it could be now.

So now more than ever I want to bring The Goddess Workout bellydance classes, Goddess Circles, Goddess dance parties, Goddess Happy Hour, girl’s night out, Full Moon rituals and Mommy and me playdates - to you.

Here is how:

Join us in The GoddessLife Sisterhood - a free online community site. Visit to get started. When you join, you'll be able to contribute your own stories, experiences, and interests. It only takes a minute to sign up. It’s free to join, no credit cards allowed here, and no advertising either. I mean it. Truly, you can even customize your feed based on topics that serve you!

Beginning April 1st, I am holding a free online 30 Day Goddess Challenge to re-awaken the Goddess within – transform – reclaim your feminine power. Click here to explore or to sign up for challenge with us! 

Now would also be a great time to share The GoddessLife Sisterhood with your best friend, your girlfriends. By inviting as few as 3 people, you can receive ambassador rewards.

And, for those who want to go a little deeper, join us over at the Goddess Tribe membership ( ) that includes:

• Live weekly Goddess Workout bellydance classes

• Live Weekly Goddess Happy Hour

• Monthly full moon dance parties

• Monthly book club

• Goddess Workout bellydance and burlesque videos and music

Surviving this crisis will take a shift in mindset, and that’s tougher than we think - especially when we’re afraid. Fear and anxiety can drive us to become very self-focused. This global pandemic is a real case of “getting sick together” or “staying well together.”

Our choices affect everyone around us. There is no such thing as “individual risk” or “individual wellness.” Embracing our global interconnectedness (from a safe distance – like online) and thinking about others as we make choices is, ironically, our only path to safety for ourselves and the people we love.

Love each other from afar and spread calm.


Serving the Divine Feminine

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