Meditation to feel your feels

Meditation to feel your feels

Emotions, Feelings and the Higher Feminine Wisdom

Feminine energy is emotional – no matter how you identify your gender. but men have feminine in them as well and they are taught not to feel even more than women. And men who are emotional – or judged even worse. This holds true for men with emotions – they are not allowe


The lower masculine consciousness that has dominated culture and society for thousands of years does not honor the emotional plane of experience. This lower masculine paradigm deliberately aims to convince us that it is weak, a waste of time, unproductive, and not purposeful or valuable to accept, and understand, our emotions.

This has led us to become incredibly dissociated with how emotions teach, develop and evolve us.

The lower masculine dictates that we 'get over' whatever emotional states we are experiencing as soon as possible, so that we can be back and ready to present a hard, immaculate, polished front to the world. Even though men and women tend to experience emotions differently, they both can be diminished spiritually by not learning how to embrace emotional wisdom in their beings.

We are conditioned to think that emotional processes are okay, as long as they are contained, kept in their place, don't interfere with capitalism, don't go on too long, we don't have to witness them, have a specific 'end' point and we can control when they arrive and depart.

This is because we have been conditioned to be essentially fearful and threatened by the high feminine power and wisdom of emotions. In spiritual terms, emotions are a Key to transcendence and Higher awareness. A person who is scared of emotions - their own and others' - is usually scared of their own spiritual power.

When going through grief, anger, sadness, loss and any other deep emotional cycles we can sometimes hear statements like this from our own inner critic, or the voice of the status quo:

"It's time you started getting over this now."

"You've been sad for long enough."

"Calm down."

"You're stupid to be feeling like this."

"This is not going to help anything."

"Enough. Come on, get yourself together."

"Stop acting crazy."

"Pull yourself together."

"It's time to let this go now."

These statements, or words to this effect, have a very damaging effect on the Higher Wisdom vibrations in your body, and stymie access to your Higher Self.

When you make yourself wrong for going through feminine (this applies to men too) cycles of emotions you deny the power of your Higher Wisdom. Emotions, and the spirals and cycles that they exist and flow in, have enormous amounts to teach us if we don't judge them.

There won't be an 'end' point where you stop experiencing strong emotions. It is a part of being alive, and in particular, when you begin awakening to your spiritual Self, you will need to access deeper levels of emotional intelligence. This can take you into some deep states and processes of bringing up ancient, buried emotions that may have been stuck for thousands of years. You may be processing collective feelings, and this will have an enormously powerful effect on your spiritual advancement.

I have experienced profound grief and all other realms of emotions from an early age in this lifetime. The only way I got to feel my own spiritual power and access my intuitive gifts was to learn how to devotedly embrace my feelings.

If you are scared of your feelings, you are probably scared of your power. Being with your feelings in each day, each hour, each moment - is a part of being present and showing up for growth.

You are not wrong for having emotions. Your deeply vibrating emotions are what make you a Carrier for Light. What you feel is a gift to the world. This is part of re-embracing the Wisdom of the High Feminine. The Goddess consciousness does not separate out 'good' and 'bad' emotions or correlate them to being successful or a failure. The Goddess knows that the feeling state is one that is very close to Divinity.

Your feelings just ARE.

If you can accept someone, and yourself, for what they are feeling and not make it wrong, you are giving and receiving a transformative gift. Your feelings are a sacred key to ascension, to a holy experience of life, and to your richest experience of being on this earth.


Meditation to feel your feels – your sacred feminine wisdom that resides in your emotions. To GoddessLife meditative video.

Take my hand, sweet sister. You are not alone on this dark night.

I know this life has brought you to your knees. I see the shadows of doubt and fear etched on your precious face. I see your strong shoulders bowing under the weight of the whole world’s pain. I see the dried blood on your soft hands from clawing your way out of all places you did not belong.

It is time to Rise.

Come with me to the water’s edge and look into your own radiant eyes. For it is there you shall see your blazing truth: You are too beautiful to be hidden. You are too powerful to stay small. You are so much more than the life that contains you.

Set down your sword, sister. You are a warrior, but your power does not lie in weapons. Your true strength lies in the mysteries hidden beneath your sumptuous skin. It swells in your shining moon-belly, cascades over the mountains of your honeyed hips, and pulsates through your thunderstorm-heart.

Let us journey through the desolate lowlands of sorrow to the epic wall you built around that heart so long ago. See the wall now covered in the moss of sadness and the vine of regret. Allow yourself to take it down brick by brick with trembling hands.

Let your sacred tears cascade like a waterfall upon all the wounds that your own sword has inflicted. Listen as your heart beats stronger and more insistent with every tear drop, in perfect time with the rhythm of life: Love. Love. Love.

With a free heart, watch the land come alive again. First wild flowers will burst forth, and then whole jungles full of rainbow-feathered birds and roaring beasts. Do not be afraid, darling one. They are all here for you.

Travel to all the forgotten places. Dance naked beneath the shining starlight of your intuition. Rediscover the ancient mysteries drawn on the walls of your womb and the wisdom of the ever-changing scarlet tides of your blood. Step boldly into the long-suppressed fires of sacred anger, allowing yourself to be engulfed and transformed by the raging flames.

Tiptoe carefully into the darkest shadows of yourself to behold the savage dragons and the tender little girl they protect. See every muddy, bloody, wild part of yourself, and embrace it all.

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