Goddess Serve: Volunteering for Step-Up Women’s Network

I believe that the purpose of life isn't about what you have; it's about what you have to give. Because of this philosophy, I make it a priority to volunteer my time and resources, working closely with inspiring organizations. Step-Up Women's Network tops my list!

The first photo is of me teaching bellydance at a "Goddess Day" at a Sephora store in Los Angeles for an under-resourced community of girls. The second is a Book-Signing Fundraising event held at The Goddess Center.

Women who volunteer are Awesome. Fresh. Epic. Fabulous. THE BEST!

Giving back is an essential part of GoddessLife. I call it Goddess Serve. Not only do you make a difference in others lives, but also NOTHING will lift your spirits more!  And I swear that this is something you will not regret doing. Money-back guarantee!

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