Super Moon - Magical Moonlight

Super Moon - Magical Moonlight

Have you been reading all about tonight's special Super Moon? In celebration of the bodacious, beautiful, bright, silvery Goddess, I am re-posting my "Magical Moonlight" blog from May 2008.

While I was driving home tonight from my bellydance gig in Malibu, I was so enchanted by the glow of the Full Moon and the illuminated path it created on the ocean that I nearly drove off a cliff! I began to think about how staggering the influence the Moon has on Earth: twice a day, it makes the waters of the oceans ebb and flow.  It takes about 1,500,000,000 horsepower for the Moon to drag the tides across the Earth each day. Sheesh, that's a lot of power! Scientists (those cuties with the white coats and coke-bottle glasses) say that our body is made up of 95% water. With all this power, the Moon (also known as Luna) must affect us, too, no doubt.  Perhaps which is why we attribute craziness and wild behavior to the Full Moon with the term: lunatic.

After feeling a little crazy myself after looking at the moon, I hungered to know more. I poured over my books about the moon at the Goddess Center library - and naturally - googled the moon. I soon realized that I am not alone in my fascination. For "many moons", people have been deeply captivated by the ever-changing presence of the silvery moon in the night sky. Temples have been erected and dedicated to Luna. The first calendar humankind ever knew was based on a year of thirteen months, the number of times the moon waxed and waned. Remarkably, Moscow is raised and lowered by twenty inches twice a day by the tides, which are affected by the moon. And perhaps no other natural object has starred in so much poetry and literature and music, and the myths and legends of so many cultures.  With all that has been said and written on the subject, one thing stays consistent: the moon is female.

Lilith, Diana, Selene, Helen, Hathor, Artemis. The ancient civilization created many goddesses whose power and influence came from the Moon.  Their essence was that of the Moon itself and the Goddesses assumed many different forms - representing the different stages of the moon. Some are virginal ( in the original meaning of the word: whole unto herself) and some are fertile. These feminine deities were worshipped for what the lunar attributes that they represent: change, transformation, mystery, and creation.

The Moon's monthly pattern of waxing, full, waning and dark (new moon) reflects women's monthly cycle. Menstruation actually means monthly - occurring every lunar month.  I have personally noticed that when I spend a lot of time with other women: we will all tend to menstruate all within a few days of one another.  It has been suggested that in ancient times, before there was artificial light or any chemical contraception, women would ovulate and menstruate at the same time because of the moon's influence.  They would isolate themselves in "Moon Huts" during their  "Moon Time" - not because they consider themselves unclean, but as an opportunity to celebrate the mysteries of their femininity together.

In ancient spirituality, Pagan, witchcraft, magic and earth-based religion, the connections to the moon are immeasurable.  There are endless amount of spells to attain everything from love to prosperity.  Some rituals are performed at when the moon is "right", drawing on different energies of the moon's cycle.  In astrology, the moon's placement in an individual's chart represents the feminine aspects of the one's nature.

You may not want to isolate each month in a "Moon Hut" or perform a "Lunar Love-Charm" to celebrate the Full Moon.  But next time you see the Moon up in the night sky, take a moment to honor our silvery sister that quietly, but powerfully influences our lives.

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1. Anna Grabill wrote:
For the few minutes she wasn't obscured by clouds, she was amazing to look upon.

Sun, March 20, 2011 @ 9:33 PM

2. Melissa Blanchard wrote:
Thank you

Sun, March 20, 2011 @ 9:34 PM

3. Zuriñe Cadena wrote:
stellar blog!

Sun, March 20, 2011 @ 9:35 PM

4. Shannon wrote:
It's looking beautiful right now cant wait for the 5th!!! :-D

Thu, May 3, 2012 @ 8:54 PM

5. Hannah wrote:
Cool!!! :)

Tue, June 11, 2013 @ 8:31 PM

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