SurfGoddess- Keep your Butts out of the Ocean

SurfGoddess surfer girls are unlike ordinary surfers in so many ways: we are glamorous, uncompetitive and believe that the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun. But by far, what sets us apart from every surfer on the beach is the fact that we clean up the beach before we even enter the water. You would be surprised and shocked at what we have found littering our beautiful beaches in Southern California! The list is appalling, hilarious and completely outrageous. However, the most copious item that was tossed into our large plastic bags was cigarette butts. I share with you all the items we find, how the butts get there and how to keep them out. Ultimately, I say, think globally, act locally, no matter how fine you think your butts are, keep you butt out of my ocean.

SurfGoddess - Keep Your Butts out of the ocean from Dolphina GoddessLife on Vimeo.