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  • Happy Goddesstine Day!

    That love song you have been singing .... perhaps you begin to realize that you are singing it to yourself. If you are waiting for someone to step in and brighten your world, know that humans are human, humans are temporary, transient. Light up your own life. Soften your face, know thyself, heal yourself and delight in the passions of your heart. Don't expect someone else to do it for you. The love song you can't get out of your mind, perhaps you have been singing it to yourself all along. Never forget you are the One who lights up your own life. 

    You are a Goddess. Happy Goddesstine Day! 💋 

  • Guilty Pleasures

    As my phone rang tonight, I found myself saying those nasty four little words, “ I really shouldn’t, but…”

    You see, I have a vintage pink rotary phone that’s cord only reaches the fake fur rug on the floor next to it.  To speak on the phone, I have to lie on the rug. It’s decadent in The Valley of the Dolls kind of way. I knew it was my best girlfriend calling and with all the work I had to do, I really shouldn’t have, but… I indulged in one of my favorite guilty pleasures and talked to my friend, on the rug (meaning, no multitasking) for two hours!

    Afterwards, I didn’t care how behind I was on my spreadsheets I was supposed to have prepared for tomorrow. “So what” I said to myself, I can stay up late, or get up early, or, even *gasp* not finish them.  Indulging in my guilty pleasure made me feel so bad, I felt good.

    We all have guilty pleasures – some that would embarrass us to admit – but should we feel compunction about them? If watching trashy TV shows, eating at fast food restaurants or googling your ex can bring us so much pleasure, then why should it create remorse?

    Isn’t it tiring trying to be perfect and to always do the right thing? Isn’t there something to be said for the occasional dash of depravity? There is! Not everything we do needs to be productive, lead to a cleaner house or the betterment of humanity. In actually, doing something for the sheer amusement of it is reason enough.

    So, go ahead, eat a gram or two of saturated fat, crank up that cheesy love ballad on your car radio and splurge on something ridiculously expensive.  And remember, sometimes, tabletops are for dancing.

  • Take this Quiz: What type of Goddess are You?

    There are many sides to you. You are like a diamond: all your facets are a part of the whole you, in fact, they make you shine more brilliantly.  Depending on the day, the hour you take this quiz, you could be any of these types of Goddess.  There is always one cut on any diamond that is larger, more dominant than any other – and this is your type of Goddess.  Select the answer you feel best describes you the most, then read about yourself below! Let me know what type of Goddess you are!


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