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  • How to Choose a Bellydance Stage Name

    When I taught Conan O’Brien to bellydance, the first instruction I gave him was: choose a stage name. I told him to, “let the ordinary Conan go” so that he could enter the fascinating world of the dance and create a captivating persona. He chose ‘Conando’. And the rest is history!

    At first it may sound superficial and possibly even daunting, but choosing a stage or “Goddess” name is an essential part of becoming a bellydancer and a certified Goddess Workout Instructor. The name you chose represents your empowered, enchanting, exotic, ethereal, mysterious and theatrical self.

    But how do you choose a stage name?

    I have included hundreds of Arabic and Goddess names for you to choose for yourself or your students in The Goddess Workout Teacher Training Manual for certified instructors.

    Click here if you are If you are interested in becoming certified.

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  • Teaching Conan O'Brien to bellydance on live TV

    I was at the US Embassy in Kuwait when a producer from the Conan O’Brien TV show called early one Tuesday morning. She asked, “Would I fly 6384 miles to appear on his late night show that Thursday?” “Absolutely,” I answered and packed my suitcase. I have appeared on literally hundreds of TV shows to promote my fitness, bellydance and women’s empowerment books and workout DVDs. I’ve shimmied with Regis, undulated with the women on The View and taught Carrie and Miranda on Sex and the City to awaken their Goddess within.

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