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Testimonials of Certified Goddess Workout Instructors

My favorite part of teaching the Goddess Workout is the realization of instantly falling in love with your body. Just a hip shimmy or snake hip puts an immediate smile on every woman, not to mention feeling joy and appreciation for the body. It doesn’t matter the body shape, size or confidence level, bellydance is the vehicle to internal and external mental and bodily transformation of any woman to a goddess.

For the Goddess Workout Instructor process, Dolphina made the whole experience so personable and professional at the same time. From the first time of emailing her, to few phone call meetings, to personally flying down to L.A. from Portland to meet her in person and go through the training and the certification process with her, I was amazed at her humility, love of women empowerement, good-doer attitude, kindness and couldn’t help but notice her girliness. Besides her love for women empowerment through bellydance, I feel that the GoddessLife Company Dolphina has created goes beyond the idea of merely a great cardiovascular workout and being and feeling fit. She has challenged all of Goddess Workout instructors for a great cause in creating sisterhood amongst women from all walks of life inspiring, encouraging, standing up for each-other and at the same time branching out in good will work and ultimately becoming our own Tranquilistas. For me, as a Goddess Workout Instructor, Tranquilistas are women who embrace their many sides: spiritual, creative, entrepreneurial and who also heart femininity, fashion and philanthropy. Parties and prayer. Entertaining and Enlightment. A woman full of aspirations and always seeking inspirations. Oh, and she sparkles. Literally. GoddessLife lays the foundation for which every woman who become a certified instructor shapes, contours her own women’s muscles and what she finds important to reach out in other women.

Teaching the Goddess Workout has allowed me to witness so many success stories from my students: weight loss (Doing shimmies and milkshakes for a good 10 minutes sets your body on fire), immense self-confidence, love for oneself and body, support and building relationships with other women. Teaching at home or overseas I have found women to come together despite our cultural differences, languages, shapes and sizes, walks of life, into one shimmy and shake belief: love and confidence for ourselves and other women in our caring communities.

I feel blessed and grateful for all the amazing creations of Dolphina and GoddessLife and her messages spread out to the world by making a difference “One Goddess at a time!”

- Fationa (Ona) Aliaj of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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For those of you who may not know, Dolphina, creator of The GoddessLife Workout, is one of the most amazing bellydancers in the dance community. Having all her DVDS and participated in the GoddessLife Workout Certification program, Dolphina knows her stuff!

What I really love about Dolphina, is that she empowers women. When dancers give workshops, yes it is important to learn technique and such, but it is also important to feel a sense of empowerment. Dolphina does just that and on top of it, she is an environmentalist.

When I completed the training, I felt so empowered and confident in myself. Dolphina provides nourishment for the soul. You feel on top of the world.

In 2005, I visited the Goddess Center in Marina Del Rey, California. The nervousness, excitement, and joy that I felt, knowing that I was finally going to meet the woman who inspired me to bellydance. She made me feel right at home.

There were other women from different backgrounds, and we instantly became sisters. There were several sessions in which we talked about our hopes, fears, loves, families, and our plans for the future. With everything we said, Dolphina provided positive feedback.

Anyone can participate in her upcoming retreat. You just have to have the desire and passion for dancing and replenishing yourself. Dolphina is always there to guide you and offer helpful suggestions in making you better as a dancer and as a Goddess!

This retreat will take place in Maui, Hawaii, and those who participate have the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Visit Dolphina's Web site at goddesslife.com or myspace.com/goddesslifeinc. That is Dolphina swimming with the dolphins, and if you want to see more photos, you can purchase the book, Beginnings: Goddesses, Sirens and Mermaids, by Todd Essick. Dolphina was in a near-fatal accident and a pod of dolphins came to her rescue.

Should you decide to go, bring comfortable workout clothes, your hip scarf, veil, zills (just in case), and a mini portable CD player, so you can practice what you learned for the day. A camera to capture the memories will come in handy.
- Ronnette Ramirez, Texas

My GoddessWorkout teacher training experience was nothing short of magical. From the training I learned different ways of sharing the GoddessWorkout experience with other women, while also creating lifelong friendships and rediscovering my inner goddess, not to mention toning my body while bellydancing every day. The training itself is very inspirational and enlightening. Since the training, I've been teaching classes at the Goddess Center; the training also inspired me to be proactive about performing bellydancing, which I had not done before and have since performed at restaurants, events, and private parties.

The training also inspired Dolphina and I to create a Cheer Goddess workout class which has been not only a huge success as a class but also an opportunity to perform at various events around Los Angeles and cheer for a minor league football team.

In a nutshell, the Goddess Workout teacher training experience for me was priceless and one of my most memorable accomplishments. I would encourage any goddess who loves any kind of dance or mind-body workout to experience the same.
- Victoria Capen, Los Angeles, California

During my weeklong training with Dolphina I learned more about the energy of bellydance than in all of my years training on my own. The reason for that, I feel, was her presence & intense femininity & security in her being. This energy was ultimate inspiration to me and I felt a strong bond to the Goddess after wards. Till this day, I draw upon those memories for inspiration.
- Tali Glikman, New York

The Goddess workout teacher training changed my life! It empowered me to be a better dancer and teacher with more to offer my students by helping me better understand what nurtured me as a goddess, teacher and human being. Dolphina is the best teacher I've ever had and it was an amazing experience to be mentored by her during that week and gain a deep understanding of her teaching methods and philosophy.
- Lisa Roth, Los Angeles, California

I did not expect to have the transformation that happened in my heart this week. A part of me that was hiding for so long has been brought back to life. I feel empowered and I feel beautiful again. I was surprised to how free I felt and how much my bellydance improved. This retreat met my expectations and went beyond. I would not change anything about it.
- A Goddess in Hawaii, 2007

What surprised me is how funny, sweet, and down-to-earth Dolphina is. What has changed inside me is I have confidence in myself as a bellydancer, and I feel like I can do anything I want. The Retreat center is such a beautiful place. I loved all the buddhas, and plants, and beautiful studio we danced in. I LOVED everything!! Truly, I really did. The bellydancing classes were so much fun. The Goddess rituals were amazing. The burlesque class was great. And of course I loved sleeping and eating. The BEST was my birthday on the boat! I LOVED all the women at the retreat. GOOD TIMES!
- Christine Welke, Redondo Beach, California

First of all, I was a little worried about eating vegetarian only, but after the first day I was so pleasantly surprised! Everyone felt the love and energy and the intention around every meal. Let me just say it was amazing, as a matter of fact, I've never felt better! And the retreat center and the reaction, just added to the magic of the week. I really felt like we were in a loving protected place! My favorite activities were the dance classes and the teacher training. Dolphina and her teaching exceeded my expectations. I instantly knew that the group of women was going to click. The energy was amazing and felt a deep connection to the women for such a short time we're known each other! The waterfall ritual was the most amazing for me, such a gift for Dolphina to be able to offer us. I felt a lot of healing energy coming through my core that day that I will always cherish. The thing that changed in me I'd say was I feel so full that now it's time to give it away to others what has been offered to me. Dolphina is the true embodiment of the goddess that will continue to inspire me long after this retreat. Thank you!
- Susanne Staal "Rhiannon", New York