The Best Things in Life are Free!

The Best Things in Life are Free!

By this statement, I don't connote walks on the beach at sunset or smiles from newborns. I literally mean to say that people love free stuff. Naturally, I was aware of this concept, but not the degree in which they enjoy aquiring things gratis.

I established the extent last month when I threw a party. I had to, I was closing the doors of my dance sutdio, The Goddess Center, and it deserved one final hoorah. Afterwards, everyone would not stop talking about the soiree. Sure, they loved my special cupcake martinis, they thought the performances were all top-notch and they shimmied to the non-stop dancing. But most of all, they loved the goody bag - the freebies that I sent them all home with.  For me, it was easy; I had extra stock of The Goddess Workout DVDs, CDs and Goddesswear panties that I was more than happy to give to my guests. However, I was agog when one of my guests wept. It was then I knew how Santa feels.

Because of this experience, I wish I could give out free stuff all day, everyday.  The good new is, there are hundreds of websites that are dedicated to doling out free stuff - everything from make-up to iphone apps to cocktails.  Be wary and read the fine print. I noticed that when I googled, "Free Stuff", I found many sites wanted my credit card info.

I have found that these below are the best ways to find free stuff:

  • has a whole category dedicated to "free stuff" for each of its participating cities. In my move, I gave away everything from filing cabinets to pink fringe.
  • Just like we did at the party, you can swap clothes, accessories and shoes at
  • is where to go to find beauty products and makeup samples online.
  • Search for free reusable items with the Local Reuse app on your iphone
  • is all about trading skills and favors. Teach someone to bellydance and they will help fix your computer.
  • Swap books, music, dvds, or video games via mail through
  • Trade kids' stuff they have outgrown at
  • helps people find free (or cheap) drink in all major cities
  •,, and are just some of the websites devoted to helping you find giveaways, samples, trials, and other promotional items.

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1. Janice wrote:
Thank you so much for this month's fantastic newsletter! I've been working with the thought that the more we are willing to let go, give away, the more space we allow for opulence and our hearts desires to come in. I think your give aways at the bash were so right in line with this! I recently started zapping people with love that I sense who I sense are down trodden or worried in some way. This too is free, and WOW it feels wonderful to remember that even with a miniscule (for now) bank account, you can still give. And for you Dolphina, I am holding the intention for the acquisition of a luxurious new space that is optimal in all ways for Goddess Life headquarters(if you haven't already found your location!). Lots of love to you!! ~Janice

Thu, March 26, 2009 @ 10:22 AM

2. Jennifer wrote:
Actually I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders to not look a certain way in new store bought clothes all the time. Frugality is in, extravagence is out. We don't necessarily have to listen to 5 or 6 fashion designers on this year's New York runway and let them decide for us what we are going to wear this year. Who wants to be a slave to fashion or anything else? Get out your old clothes and be creative or go to a thrift store. Go mod! mix and match, wear your mom's old silk scarf around your hips, whatever... It is not even the style to wear an exspensive designer name now, so don't worry about impressing anyone. Be Free!

Thu, March 26, 2009 @ 11:54 PM

3. Tami wrote:
Dolphina, just wanted to let you know how much I love your positivity.Thank you for being you and inspiring me. :)

Wed, April 1, 2009 @ 5:17 AM

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