The Goddess Within - Self Care isn't Selfish

The Goddess Within - Self Care isn't Selfish

Women often identify themselves exclusively by their relationship to others. We think of ourselves as someone’s mother, wife, daughter, boss, sister, friend and the list goes on. 

Most women are nurturers and tend to other’s needs before our own. This in itself is a beautiful feminine quality that I do not recommend changing completely. However, this is not the essence I am speaking of: you are a woman first and foremost. You have a uniqueness that is whole unto yourself, apart from your relationships. 

Left to your own devices, you could go a very long time taking care of everyone and everything in your life, except for yourself. “I am too busy”, you say to yourself. You might even feel selfish at the thought of taking time for your Goddess within. 

You would be surprised at the wonders just an afternoon at the park, a museum, or wearing a tiara to a coffee shop by yourself can do to polish your gemstone so that it is shining brilliantly. Your family and friends need not worry that you will permanently take residence in your bubble bath, never to return. Everyone benefits: when you factor in well-deserved personal time to nourish this feminine spirit, you will have more to give back to your entire life.

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