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  • The Goddess Within - Self Care isn't Selfish

    Women often identify themselves exclusively by their relationship to others. We think of ourselves as someone’s mother, wife, daughter, boss, sister, friend and the list goes on. 

    Most women are nurturers and tend to other’s needs before our own. This in itself is a beautiful feminine quality that I do not recommend changing completely. However, this is not the essence I am speaking of: you are a woman first and foremost. You have a uniqueness that is whole unto yourself, apart from your relationships. 

    Left to your own devices, you could go a very long time taking care of everyone and everything in your life, except for yourself. “I am too busy”, you say to yourself. You might even feel selfish at the thought of taking time for your Goddess within. 

    You would be surprised at the wonders just an afternoon at the park, a museum, or wearing a tiara to a coffee shop by yourself can do to polish your gemstone so that it is shining brilliantly. Your family and friends need not worry that you will permanently take residence in your bubble bath, never to return. Everyone benefits: when you factor in well-deserved personal time to nourish this feminine spirit, you will have more to give back to your entire life.

  • She turned her wounds into power at a sacred waterfall in Hawaii

    “She turned her wounds into power.” In this picture I'm at a sacred waterfall the ancient Hawaiians used for ceremonial childbirth. I had just finished performing a private ritual for the 20 women attending my GoddessLife Retreat. They had all left and it was just nature, Hawaiian ancestors, my photographer and me. The transformational energy was the most powerful I had ever felt. In this picture I am holding space for my own darkness. The vibration of the sacred space gave me the courage to brave my most fiercest battle: facing my own core wounds. My soul asked for guidance on how to let go of this darkness, hopelessness, self-loathing and the belief that I am broken; so my spirit can be filled with love and light. The reply was, “show me all the parts of you that you don’t love so I know where to begin.” I surrendered and felt my soul descend like Persephone into the underworld. I wasn’t scared; I felt the warm embrace of the Divine Feminine. “Precious Soul, you are needed. What an immense act of bravery it was to agree to come here again in this period of tumultuous and dramatic ascension shifts on Earth. What an immensely courageous Soul you are. Breathe into the knowing that you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom. “ With the Divine’s empathetic vibrational message, I was able to just ‘be’ with the most unlovable parts of myself while also welcoming back the light.

    Dear Precious Souls, I wish for you that when the darkness, pain and judgment arises within that you that you are able to find or create a loving space where you can feel empathy towards your precious soul. That you know that you are needed here on this earth. That sometimes you need to experience this darkness to be able to resurrect to the light. That you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom. Blessed be.

  • Fitness & wellness inside & out

    It's not uncommon in the fitness & wellness world to judge positive change by the exterior. For example, this image is of a strong & flexible bellydancer in a challenging balancing position. I'm roughly 8-9 years younger here, easily 20lbs lighter, and injury free. Yet if you took a look into my mind you'd find a wild child that was desperate to be successful & loved and had zero coping skills for dealing with pain & trauma.
     Fast forward to current day: My positive growth hasn't come from dancing & performing for hours & hours every day.  I'm still strong & flexible but way softer, and am nurturing my broken leg & bruised heart back to health day by day. However, if you cracked my soul open, you would find a woman who no longer hides her head in shame with regrets of the past or is consumed with unbearable loss. You would find a soul who finds pride in being a good friend, true to my word and being able to shimmy once a day. I am now a Serene Goddess & I am convinced the best is yet to come!
     Anyone else riding this rollercoaster? I'm guessing we all are. Here's to joining hands yet simultaneously throwing them up into the air. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Empower the Goddess Within

    When I heard the call of the wild, I answered.

    I have walked a long journey towards re-claiming my own power; remembering that I have it, working on my deeply-buried emotional blocks for long enough to uncover it, and daily inner and outer work to re-anchor it into my cells. 

    I have had to remind myself daily that I am worthy of being in my power, and that I am not going to be hurt, or even die, from demonstrating it publicly. It is still a journey, but one that I find only strengthens the more I am open, honest and authentic about the depth of power that really lies inside me. 

    When I suppress it, hide, or allow society to dictate to me how I should look, feel and express myself, I feel painfully disempowered and somehow like a fraud. I feel like I am letting down a great universal force for healing. 

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