The Goddess Workout is 20 years old today!

20 years ago today I filmed The Goddess Workout. Time is so bizarre how it speeds up when you’re shimmying! I have been very blessed my whole wild and crazy life, but the original Goddess Workout was one of my favorite blessings! I really had no idea what I was doing:  I was just a baby bellydancer and teacher. There were no independent produced videos back then – it was all the superstars of fitness like Kathy Smith and Denise Austin videos produced by big studios like Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment I never did workout videos and fitness was very masculine back then with workouts  like taebo. But The Goddess Workout wanted to be birthed into the world and I am eternally grateful that I was the vessel for her feminine message: when you awaken the power of the goddess within, magical things will happen. Peace💃🌷🔮💘

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