The GoddessLife Challenge

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Scroll down to view the submissions for the GoddessLife Challenge 2012. Help them achieve their goals by leaving comments, suggestions, motivation and recommendations. I'm inspired by their bravery and courageousness. I'm excited to see the evolution and watch their transformations! It's never too late for you to enter. Each moment is a chance to start anew. Together, we can make 2012 the BEST year ever!







Are you ready to make a transformation?  I want to help you achieve your goals this year.  To assist you attaining your aspirations, I have created The GoddessLife Challenge. Here’s how it works:

Define your Goddess aspirations for 2012 (see examples). Submit them to me in the most creative and honest way.  Ask me questions and tell me what your obstacles are.  You can write them or send me a video of yourself outlining the changes you want to make.  

•    Make the transition from negative body image to enjoying every fabulous inch of yourself
•    Fantasies you want to live out but don’t feel quite confident yet (like dance for your man)
•    Reclaim your feminity & carve out time to take care of your Goddess within.
•    And for those of you who feel lost and are struggling to figure out what your goals are, don’t be afraid to say just that.

The GoddessLife Community

I believe that a Goddess is powerful, but The GoddessLife community is unstoppable.

So, let me know if you feel comfortable to give me permission to post your goals, aspirations or questions on our website for other Goddesses to see. Together, we can inspire each other, watch each others transformations and give each other advice.

And this is just the beginning!  I will be here to help you with them long after the inspiration of the New Year fades and you feel like throwing in the towel.  I will provide you with encouraging tools throughout 2012 – from my blogs to some VERY EXCITING future products. So, don’t forget to join my blog rss feed to receive the latest updates.

Let’s all do it together and support each others aspirations! This will be OUR year, Goddesses!


The GoddessLife Challenge Goals

Below are the goals for the GoddessLife Challenge beginning back in 2010 . Click on the title to read their goals. You can help them by commenting with suggestions, recommendations, motivation and advice. You can do this anonymously or include your name.  I'm inspired by their bravery and courageousness. I'm excited to see the evolution and watch their transformations!