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  • There is no force more powerful that a woman determined to rise.

    So here we are - the modern Priestesses of the new world. Embodying ancient wisdom, reconnecting deeply to ourselves -carrying the medicine of love with our divine feminine hands into its fullest expression, for a new way.The magical makeup of a woman ~ her capacities to love, feel, create, manifest, protect, gather, nurture ~ is an alchemical equation for the most powerful vibration. It is pure Shakti, a Divine, orgasmic portal for communication with the Highest dimensions of creation. We are crystal conduits of love and light between heaven and earth.Rise through your fears, realizing the expansive doorway to grace that exists within every cell of your Being.The portals are open.Approach with a humble heart. Give thanks for your invitation and accept your welcome with willingness and grace.Allow yourself to be filled with whatever magic awaits and then pledge to take it into your communities and share it, even if just through your smiling eyes, to as many people you can.Sometimes it will be received and celebrated. Sometimes the strength of your light may provoke the darkness in others to try and take you out.Keep going. Be brave. Be strong but stay soft. Stay vulnerable. It's where your strength truly lies. And know this, there is no turning back. Because once you remember who you really are, you can never turn your back on yourself again. We are the granddaughters of the daughters of the witches they could not burn.

  • Being paid to swim with dolphins: the dream job I never dared to dream!

    “Yes!” I replied exuberantly even before he finished his asking.

    I squealed like a dolphin as Todd Essick continued describing his project and incredible offer to me. He was referred to me from a National Geographic photographer that lived on the same island in the Caribbean where I was rescued by dolphins. He said I would be perfect for his photography book and art gallery show in which he wanted to capture me swimming with dolphins. He wondered if I would be interested.

    It was my dream job that I never dared to dream!

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