THROWBACK THURSDAY: How to Turn your Dreams into Reality

THROWBACK THURSDAY: How to Turn your Dreams into Reality

THROWBACK THURSDAY: How to Turn your Dreams into Reality: I am sharing my secrets to how I made my BIG goals come true..the WHOLE ENCHILADA (ps: this blogpost is related to the Vision Board post below)

Abstract, elusive, ideas that will never come to fruition are how most people view dreams, but I’m championing another way – a way where our dreams come true, where our dreams stop being dreams and start being a little more like reality.

But what actually is the process of making a dream become reality? After putting a few notches in my goal-belt, I now recognize the patterns and steps to achieve them. First of all, tapping into my feminine power helped me to achieve my goals. As I see it, making dreams come true is similar to childbirth. Next, (and this should simultaneously inspire and relieve you), there are only two tragic mistakes you can make while pursuing your desires: 1) Not starting. 2) Not going all the way. Once you have committed to both, the rest is a piece of cake. From my experience, there are 5 steps to making your desires part of your day to day life. And since I like to eat my cake first, I will now serve you the whole enchilada:

1) Pull it down from the Stardust
You need to describe your dream in order to pull it down from existing forever in the realm of stardust in the heavens. Be as specific as possible. I succinctly identified my first major goal for GoddessLife with 3 words, “film my class”. However, since then I now make my wishes big, bodacious, gigantic and colossal. Since you are the architect of your life, I recommend you do the same. Do you want to take a yearlong sabbatical to write a novel? Get a research grant to study Chinese medicine? Earn your helicopter pilots license? Graduate from college debt-free? Make a 10% down-payment on a house? Pay for your own damn wedding? All of the above? I do believe you can make all your dreams come true, but not at the same time. Go ahead and write them all down for now. Then later, choose one that makes you squeal inside the loudest when you think of it and focus on that one exclusively.

Write them down in a journal or make a visual collage using photos, pictures from magazines or old postcards. You can also select a picture that articulates your entire goal or write it out in nice big letters. Post it where you will see it most frequently and need the most inspiration such as your bathroom mirror or refrigerator.

2) Shout it from the rooftops
The next step is: tell the world! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this step. I had lots of imagination, but I knew zilch about production. I was a dancer and a teacher and my checking account balance was well under the 6 digits of a production budget. But I went ahead and told everyone anyway that I was going to film my class and call it The Goddess Workout. My friend offered the use of his gorgeous Moroccan-styled mansion situated on a cliff over-looking the Pacific Ocean as our location, for free. After that, it wasn’t long before I had everything I needed and for free (except for film stock). Just like they do in independent films, I offered everyone a back-end deal that they would be paid should my project ever make a profit (which it did…yay for everyone!)

The more people that are aware of your dream, the more chance you have of achieving it. Why? Personally, I believe that dreams are contagious and people are excited to see someone pursuing theirs and want to be a part of them. Also, people network, they pass your information on and they offer up their services (as in my case). So, tell your family, tell your friends, tell all your facebook contacts, the man at the coffee shop, everyone you know with a-matter-of-fact tone that you are opening a café this year (or whatever your dream is). Talk about your unique cuisine ideas at parties and soon they will be introducing you to their friends that are real estate brokers. The more you discuss your passions aloud, the further it becomes real to the people around you, thus validating your dream. More importantly, it will exist to you.

3) Break it Down
Step three is practical. Just as you wouldn’t expect to win the lottery without buying a ticket, don’t expect your goals to occur simply because you look at them everyday posted on your bathroom mirror. You need to take action. I will admit this step was a tedious bore for me. But without doing it, The Goddess Workout would never exist. I had to pick a date and coordinate everyone’s schedules, but before I could do that, I needed to work backwards. I had to write the script and try to fit everything I wanted to teach into 50 minutes. I had to rehearse it so that I could perform it like a play, all in one take. Once I knew how long that would take me, I could pick a date to shoot. Coordinating schedules for talented people with busy schedules that are doing you a favor is like walking through treacherous territory!

Figure out what are the components you need to take to reach your dream. Make it measurable. Will it take a year? 6 months? Set dates. Are you planning to travel? How much money will you need and by when? What are you going to do to obtain it? Will you work an extra job or cut out a few unnecessary expenditures to save money? Create smaller goals to achieve along the way to your dream. If you want to write a novel, make intermediary goals of publishing articles and short stories in magazines and online. And being the Goddess you are, reward yourself for achieving those victories along the path.

4) Keep the Fire Burning
The fourth step is when your precious dream is challenged and troubles begin. There are few people that escape this step and let me tell you, it is no fun. The Goddess Workout was completed and ready for sale. I had a vision of independently distributing a bellydance video at a time when only big studios like Warner Brothers did. They produced instructional tapes for fitness gurus like Denise Austin and had huge marketing budgets, large sales staff and relationships with huge retailers like Walmart. To top it off, bellydance was not considered a form of fitness at that time. I sent out package after package and followed every lead I got. I had people literally laughing in my face. Like I said, no fun. But I kept on truckin’. I created my first website, a 1-800# and starting selling the videos at a metaphysical bookstore.

There will come a time (or many times) that you just want to give up. You’re exhausted, broke and you have one problem after another. Your critical “inner voice” begins to doubt your talent and you blame the economy. Other people around you might become judgmental. They tell you to rethink what you are doing, telling you it costs too much money or it’s interfering with your relationship with them. These are merely hindrances and should be expected. The key to seeing your dreams to fruition is stamina, the same as a woman during childbirth (it is a natural feminine quality you have within). You need to keep that well of inspiration watered, and to do this you need to be aware of your smaller success benchmarks you set up earlier. Whatever you do, don’t give up! An obstacle is only something you see when you take your eyes off the goal.

5) 100%
The fifth step is to absolutely, 100% believe in your dream. In my experience, it’s only when I truly, deep-down love my dream, that miracles happen. I admitted earlier that I have been lucky and I got my lucky break when one of my students happened to be a writer for Sex and the City. After she wrote about The Goddess Workout in an episode, I set my sights on my next big dream.

You must cast all doubts aside, no matter how impossible the circumstances appear. Love working for your desires, relish the taste of taking a risk to achieve them and give your whole self to your wish. Know that you have done the work; you have made up your mind and no matter what…you are going to become a Goddess Workout Instructor (or whateves it may be) It’s always when your dream seems out of reach, that magic happens. Your boss gives you a bonus, or as one woman just told me (true story), she danced for her husband and he then decided to register her for The Goddess Workout Certification!

There may be many unexpected emotions that follow a realized dream. You might feel a little lost, in uncharted territory, wandering what to do next. You might be exhausted and want to sleep for 2 months straight. You could also feel unbridled jubilation having achieved your goal, ready to celebrate and tackle the next BIG one on your list. Whatever feelings you experience after attaining your desire, make sure that you give yourself a big pat on the back, a high five or a slap in the ass for doing a awesome job. Seeing a project all the way through to the end is no small feat and it’s something that is worthy of tooting your own horn. Reward yourself in a BIG way with a bubble bath and champagne or that dress you’re coveting (but think is too expensive) or that much-deserved, long-awaited vacation to a beach with no internet access. And allow me to praise you until you are blue in the face and your cheeks are a rosy hue of “aw, shucks”.


PLEASE share with me your dreams/goals/desires. There is power in 'announcing' aloud, online and to a supportive GoddessLife Community! I guarantee you will be surprised by the response......

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