Top 10 Movies about America’s Addiction to Oil

America is addicted to oil. George W Bush notably made this statement. But he was not the first President to voice this exact opinion. Sadly, the White House has been telling us Americans about our addiction for over 40 years. This same message has also been documented in cinema for even longer, exposing the grave damage this addiction has caused. More importantly, these films reveal the complexities of what it would take to collectively break our habit and express the precise reason we should: to save our planet.

Picking on the oil industry isn't new in Hollywood. Whether the criticism is fair or not doesn't matter: oil makes for good drama. There are not many other industries that can turn a roughneck into a millionaire over night. After the semi-unscientific poll I conducted at an eco-fashion line launch party last week, I now bring you the best movies about our addiction to oil.

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