Treat yourself to a delicious, fun and fabulous class you always wanted to take!

Treat yourself to a delicious, fun and fabulous class you always wanted to take!

Treat yourself to a delicious, fun and fabulous class you’ve always wanted to take

While I was at my favorite coffee shop this morning, I read an inspirational story about a woman who simultaneously turned 100 years old, graduated college and crossed the last thing off her bucket list. A bucket list is the 100 things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”. Her story and my second cup motivated me to want to write my own list. However, the copious amount of different things that I desire to do and accomplish in my lifetime flooded my mind all at once and I nearly imploded. I mindlessly grabbed a Community Center class schedule from a stack of newspapers and magazines and thumbed through the classes that ranged from photography to massage to knitting. I noticed that I kept thinking page after page, I’ve always wanted to learn that. But then my mind resisted with the typical excuses: I don’t have time (it will get in the way of procrastinating), I will be terrible at it (and everyone will laugh at me) and its too extravagant to take a class that serves only one silly purpose (because I want to).

Then I glanced over to see the photo of the 100-year-old woman and she encouraged me again, but I decided to change the rules of the bucket list. This would be a list of classes that I have always wanted to take. It seemed more manageable than the other list. I could actually register and begin learning something this week. And it would be more affordable – some class series cost the same as an inexpensive dinner – which is a big difference from how much it would cost to travel to just one of the exotic places on my other bucket list. And what better way to meet new people whose interests are similar to mine? I’ll discover whether I really like something and want it to become a hobby, or if it’s just something I’ll cross off my list. And, most important, it will be glorious to carve out time in my schedule to learn something for the sheer sake that I’ve always wanted to. It will be my special time that I give as a gift to myself.

Proclaiming your real, honest-to-goodness desires is always a little scary. Somehow they seem safer kept locked away your mind. However, as I outlined in step 2 of “Turning your dreams into reality”, you must get them out of your head and into the fabric of your life to make them real. So, with no further ado, here’s my true, list of classes I want to take and things I want to learn:

· Literature – Ahhh! To indulge and spend months reading all the classics for pure pleasure. Visions of me and intellectual (and cute) boys sharing our favorite sentences from John Steinbeck, Raymond Chandler, Leo Tolstoy and James Joyce dance like sugarplums in my head.

· Learn How to Speak French in One Hour - J'aime une partie d'heure! (translation: I love the one-hour part!) Ok, I’m aware that learning to speak a new language in one hour is a tad unrealistic, but it’s my list, dammit!

· Culinary Arts – Honestly, this terrifies me. Both “c-words” scare me (culinary and cooking). This is probably the equivalent of what skydiving is for most people. I think its important to have something on your list that scares you, plus witnessing the expression on my boyfriend’s face when he opened my refrigerator that contains only condiments was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

· The Kama Sutra – For real. Not just flipping through a book of positions or even reading the Sutras (means lessons in Sanskrit). I want to study and learn (and master) the art and science of love from an ancient authentic guru in India, just a person would go to ashram in India to learn all the various aspects of yoga (not just positions, either).

· Astronomy – Because next time I am away from the bright lights, big city, I want to look up and be able to recognize another constellation besides, “The Big Dipper”.

· Saxaphone - It bums me out that I once was, if not good, then goodish. Why not resurrect all those years of practicing from the drain?!

· How to Win at Poker – Because I play to win, baby! (and I never win)

· Flying – It would be thrilling to soar like a bird and a convenient way to travel, especially if the plane was mine.

· Stunt school – There is no people that are more badass than stunt people! And I want to be badass! They get set on fire, fall out of buildings and jump from speeding buses going 100 mph on the freeway. And they do it all to make someone else look badass; with the only credit they get is a tiny one after everyone has left the theatre.

Of all the various feminine attributes, women most identify themselves with nurturing. I am suggesting that you continue embracing this quality, but direct it toward yourself and your own schedule. Take time to make your own list of classes you want to take and things you want to learn. Resist the temptation to learn something for the sake of your children, husband or friends. I am not saying they won’t receive the benefits if you start massage classes, but try to make the list be things you will enjoy just for pure pleasure of learning.

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1. Mai wrote:
I love that list, and I think you'll do great. I have one of my own. Some of mine are the same as yours.

They include:

1. French (I was fluent when I was a child until I moved from a French school to an English one and never used French afterwards).

2. Cooking. But this time around I want to learn to make delicious vegan delights instead of trying to cook meat-based dishes to please others even though I'm a vegetarian. I don't want to force my guy to be a vegetarian at all but at the same time I do want him to enjoy eating with me!

3. Dancing. I started using poi and I love it. I think I should incorporate more belly dance into my regiment because it really is fun and in this part of the world it's embarrassing if you're not apt (I'm Egyptian, so it comes with the territory).

4. Archery. I have no idea why but I"m so drawn to it...

5. Poetry. Nothing moves me as much.

6. Singing! I don't have a special gift but I know that it would be the more therapeutic skill in the world. I started practicing with these mp3s that teach singing and it's so much fun :)

That's it for now, and I haven't started all of them, just a few. But it has made all the difference in my life and mood to do things that I'm so enthusiastic about rather than what seems practical or useful only. I'd recommend everyone try at least one thing that sets them on fire.

Sat, May 5, 2012 @ 12:41 PM

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