All of life is a relationship. We are primarily in relationship with ourselves. We are in an eternal relationship with God, Universe, Higher Source of Love.

We take our false beliefs about separation from the Source of All Love within us into relationships with others. We take our heart-wounds and fears of getting broken open into relationships with others. We take our terror of laying our Souls raw, bare, naked and vulnerable into our relationships with others. And then we close down in a false attempt to protect ourselves from the exposure of all the love inside us; what we yearn for, crave, deeply desire and ache for.

Our old stories and fears tell us that if we barricade our hearts within layers of defense we will be safe.

There is no safety in defending the heart. All that happens is that we cut off the flow of love from inside, and we send a powerful message outward to the Universe that we are not worthy of deep and intimate connection. We may even attract exactly what we most fear, simply because we are putting so much energy into repelling it.

We attract that which we deny.

When we are denying the Love that we Are, and how love can only increase, not diminish, us - we create our own pain.

Other people trigger pain in us, but they truthfully do not create it. Other people can only trigger our own deeply-held pain - the pain of shutting off from the higher consciousness of love; the love that made us, gives us breath, gives us energy, gives us purpose for being.

We do not need to feel healed before we can be loved. We do not need to be rid of all your baggage before meet the love of your life – you just need to be willing to be open to showing, sharing and heal what you have carried with you all these years.

What we all -without exception - want most profoundly is to love and be loved.

We want to be seen, heard, accepted for our transgressions and mistakes, forgiven and lifted up in light. We want to share our truth, we want to honor the divine in each other, we want to look into the eyes of God when we meet.

We want to lay down our defenses and strip ourselves bare. We want to just stop pretending, stop exhausting ourselves with the lie that we are unlovable, flawed, unworthy. We want to stop waiting for perfection in unattainable, ego-led form.

We want to stop putting it off until some unreachable day when suddenly another person comes to fulfil all our dreams for our own hearts.

You cannot put it off. You are Love, Now. You can give Love, Now. You can be Love, Now. You are receiving Love, Now.

When you open your Soul to the truth of Love - that it is always here and will not abandon you - you realize that even within relationships with others you so often abandon your Self.

Come back to your Self. Make your Self whole again. It starts with vowing to never leave your Self. It starts with making a promise to all your own dreams, your own desires, your own yearnings, your own cravings for love.

This love is You.

You can share it with others, and yet you must know that every other person is only a reflection of you.

The degree to which you can submit to your own Love, is the degree to which you can stand to be loved in relationship with another.

All of Life is Relationship. Healing your relationship with your Self and the Universe will transform your relationships with others.


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