Turn your dreams and obsessions into reality!

Turn your dreams and obsessions into reality!

Dreams, wishes, desires, wants, passions, goals, obsessions, longings, cravings, yearnings that shimmer on luminescent stardust and beyond. Delightful these all are, indeed. Some could actually wake you up each morning; inspiring you to go to a job you loathe. You might find yourself daydreaming about your ideas imagining, “If only…” or “when…” There are at bare minimum 1001 excuses of why you can’t or shouldn’t live your heart’s desires, but one truly good one why you should. It’s YOUR life.

But what actually is the process of making a dream become reality?  As I see it, there are 5 steps to making your desires part of your day to day life. It all begins with defining your dreams. You are the architect of your life; so while you are creating your wishes, make them big, bodacious, gigantic, and colossal. Don’t just decide to get in shape, instead plan a trip to India to study yoga from a guru. Be as specific as possible. Write them down in a journal; make a visual collage or select one word that articulates your entire goal and post it where you will see it most frequently.

Step two is making these longings part of the fabric of your being. Tell your friends as a matter of fact that you are going to open a café this year. Talk about your unique cuisine ideas at parties and soon they will be introducing you to their friends that are real estate brokers.  The more you discuss your passions aloud, the further it becomes real to the people around you, thus validating your dream. More importantly, it will exist to you.

The next step is practical. Break it down. What are the components you need to take to reach your dream? Make it measurable. Will it take a year? 6 months?  Set dates. How much money do you require and by when? What are you going to do to obtain it? Will you work an extra job or cut out a few unnecessary expenditures to save money? Create smaller goals to achieve along the way to your dream. And being the Goddess you are, reward yourself for achieving those victories along the path.

The forth step is when the dream is challenged. Problems begin to appear. Your critical “inner voice” begins to doubt your talent; you blame the economy and you start to have reservations about your beloved dream.  Other people around you might become judgmental. They will say to you that perhaps you to should rethink it over, it costs too much money or it’s interfering with your relationship with them. These are merely hindrances and should be expected. Don’t let it influence you too much and whatever you do, don’t give up! An obstacle is only something you see when you take your eyes off the goal.

The fifth step is to absolutely, 100% believe in your dream. Know that you have done the work; you have made up your mind and no matter what…you are taking that trip to Greece!  It’s always when the circumstances seem impossible, that magic happens. Your boss gives you a bonus, or as one woman just told me (true story), she danced for her husband and he then decided to send her on the GoddessLife’s trip to Greece.  Her name is Laurel White and she was The Goddess of the Month in August’s newsletter - if you want to ask her for some tips.

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1. Rebecca wrote:
Great post, Dolphina. What I really like about it, other than the great advice, is I know that you have followed this. I've read a great deal of your blog that detailed the year you lived on an island, and I know that must have been really hard to orchstrate, but you made it happen. So it's obvious that it can work.

I would really, really love to go to the Goddess Greece retreat, but I just don't know if I would have the money for it. But I will be trying to do everything I can to figure out how I might be able to go before it sells out. Hoping I can see you there...

Sun, August 16, 2009 @ 3:19 AM

2. Jessamina wrote:
I look back on the time I spent with Dolphina and the women on the Goddesslife retreat in '07 with such pleasure..The time was organized and energized, fuel for my fire. Then there was quiet time, alone, planning my routine and lesson for my very 1st class there. Other hours found me on the beach with my new friends, giddy, relaxed..then rushing back to the "goddesshouse" for Dolphina's next lesson. My dreams and my reality were blending, morphing and manifesting, right before my eyes. My heart was open, and I was forever changed. Believe in your dreams, they make you more fun, more beautiful, and more YOU.

Mon, August 17, 2009 @ 10:20 AM

3. Laurel White. wrote:
Thank you Dolphina , you have mentioned me a couple of times now The July newsletter(Goddess of The Month) and your Blog in Aug. . I bought the Into To Belly Dance, with the intent to shake it for my husband on our 1st. Anniversary. I've never seen him with his mouth open for 4 minutes and nothing came out! He was Delighted to say the least. Now I am going to greece and working on being certified before the trip. People want me to teach them, Who Knew? Dophina is an enlightened soul and her mission to see the Goddess in others, really makes HER stand apart.You deserve all that is good in life, know it, embrace it, pass it on... Peace to All.Laurel White.

Wed, September 2, 2009 @ 10:19 AM

4. Sarah wrote:
that is so inspiring, Dolphina, and encouraging too!

Sat, September 5, 2009 @ 3:37 AM

5. Janice wrote:
Thank you Dolphina! I loved your encouraging us to make our dreams colassol! This is where I usually trip myself up! Namaste,

Tue, November 10, 2009 @ 10:41 AM

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