What do I think of Miley Cyrus VMA twerking performance?

What do I think of Miley Cyrus VMA twerking performance?

Honestly at first I had no thoughts at all. It’s showbiz. I saw the headlines, but it never dawned on me that this was anything out of the ordinary. Then the story exploded, twerking was trending and suddenly everyone began asking me what are my thoughts about Miley’s performance? Was it too vulgar? When is too much, TOO MUCH? Alarmed Certified Goddess Workout instructors asking me what they should say to their students? The teachers are concerned that they are encouraging women to awaken, explore and express their sexuality, but fearful that the thoughts and negative judgments about Miley’s sexually provocative performance will be lumped together as the same thing as taking a Goddess Workout burlesque class.

Are they the same?

Yes and no.

First, the no.

As all performers, her goal is to grab the spotlight. To meet this end, Lady Gaga wore a meat dress, Madonna kissed Brittany Spears and Mata Hari danced a sacred (and naked) temple prayer. It isn’t called show-art…it’s BIG business and these women achieved their objective by doing something provocative to make people talk about them. Positive or negative response is irrelevant. Miley and her silly stuffed animals captured headlines – selling magazines and causing the blogosphere to erupt. Making her a hot commodity.

And commodity is how her performance is different than you taking a burlesque class – where you are “free” to awaken, explore and express your sexuality in the safety of other women and a trained instructor. You are not exchanging your sexuality for commerce. You are actually claiming your sexuality for yourself. Who and where you choose to share this with is your choice.

Now the yes.

My opinion on Miley’s performance is that it shows how powerful female sexuality is. Look at the fact that by shaking her derriere, she stole the show. Blindsiding even N’Sync’s reunion. It demonstrates that the more you are aware of your own sexuality, the more empowered you can be. First you must claim it for your own. Again, what you choose to do with it and who to share it with is up to you.

Also, Miley’s attention-seeking, sexually-charged twerking reveals that a softer, more feminine aspect of sexuality such as sensual bellydance and sassy burlesque is more appealing to most people.

Finally, I personally believe gossip is toxic poison – especially comparing and criticizing other women. It may feel good while you are doing it: making you feel superior or just that you are expressing your opinion, but ultimately it chips away at our own self-esteem. This is one of the cornerstones of the GoddessLife philosophy. And I will take this thought a step further and compliment Miley for her playful dance that gave the news something to cover that is ultimately harmless and filling the internet with a silly story rather the usual horrifying tragedies that are going on. Bravo Miley!
Ps – I have been twerking for years…and it is amazing exercise!

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