What if I fall ? Oh but my darling ... what if you fly?

What if I fall ? Oh but my darling ... what if you fly?

Sometimes you look at an opportunity that lies before you and, for a moment, the excitement of possibility courses through you; you feel alive and almost giddy with the thought of everything you could do. And then the doubts creep in. You start to wonder if maybe that golden opportunity is too good to be true. That job opportunity, new house or living space, heart-skipping romance, book idea, wanderlust to travel, the question you want to ask your yoga teacher, the person you want to say hello to at the dog park, et al, makes you so excited that it scares you straight off the edge. You begin to rationalize: maybe you’re not ready for it yet; maybe it’s beyond your current capabilities. What if you give it your best shot but you mess it up anyway? So then you start to panic; what if you fail and make an absolute fool of yourself?

You’ve decided, before you’ve even taken the first tiny step forward, that it won’t work. Before you’ve even begun, you’ve doomed yourself to failure. Don’t beat yourself for being scared – it happens to EVERYONE, especially the most successful & happiest people.  The important thing is that you don't allow fear to prevent you from taking that first step. You can either choose to stay on your nice safe branch, or you can take the chance to put yourself out there. Don't wait until you feel "ready" and no longer feel afraid. That might never happen. Instead, feel the fear and use that exciting energy and transform it into boldness & bravery. I am here to encourage you to not just take a step, but rather take a giant step & leap!

Yes, you might fall. Oh, but my darling...what if you fly?


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