What’s it like being a certified Goddess Workout Instructor?

What’s it like being a certified Goddess Workout Instructor?

It’s difficult to put into words the feeling of teaching others how to embrace their inner goddess. Words like rapture, bliss, stunning, and breathtaking come to mind, but they are inadequate.

When words aren’t enough, I dance.

Goddess Workout Instructors get to open a doorway, allowing women to step through into their own power.

“Belly dance is a secret doorway that has always existed through which daring women pass.”
Witnessing this transformation, providing a sacred space for their wings to unfurl in all their splendor, is an experience like no other.

When I first connected to the dance, something mystical happened. I not only improved my health, but I was overflowing with a joy that spilled out into the rest of my life. A whole new beautiful world opened up to me: it was like being in love, but in love with my own life.

When I started teaching, these feelings were magnified.

To be inspired is great; but to INSPIRE is even GREATER.

Goddess Teachers believe in their students even when they don’t believe in themselves. They never push the student, but open the door to a beautiful world.

When the student enters in their own time, Goddess Teachers are there to greet them.

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” (Hafiz)
What greater gift can you give the world than radiating your own inner light and teaching others how to light their own?

Here is what Certified Goddess Instructors are saying:

“The Goddess Workout builds an unbreakable bond between women. Since becoming a certified Goddess Workout instructor, I have helped so many women connect with their femininity, build confidence, and live a healthier lifestyle. I love knowing that I am helping my students discover that they truly are a Goddess.
Since receiving my certification six months ago, I have started my own business, Serenity Haven, and have started teaching in many different locations including a yoga studio, a metaphysical store, even a local library. This has introduced me to so many different unique and beautiful women and we now have our own local GoddessLife community.” Krystle Hope

Click here if you are thinking about becoming a certified Goddess Workout instructor, come in...the water is warm!

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Count me in!

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yes very much

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