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  • Why do i bellydance?

    Why do I dance? For the absolute and sheer delight. To go within, to feel, to let myself feel, to experience movement. To connect with the divine within. To connect with mother earth. To connect with others. To feel feminine. For my insides and for my outsides. All my parts desire my attention. I desire my attention. I deserve my attention. And learning that I am worthy of my attention has been a beautiful part of feeling at home in this skin, on this earth, here, now. This is why I dance. Why do you dance?
     🐬🐚🌊my first bellydance costume made out of shells i found on the beach🐬🐚

  • When you don't feel like a Goddess

    I will be here for you when you don’t feel like a Goddess. Let me be your mirror. I am here to lend a hand so you remember that you are.

    Even the most confident woman has days when she doesn’t believe she is a Goddess. Every now and then these thoughts creep up after a painful break up or when you’re overworked, ill or financially strapped.  Other times it’s unclear the precise reason. You can’t seem to help but feel antisocial, invisible, insecure, over-the-hill, out-of-shape, unattractive, powerless, lost or insignificant. When you are being hard on yourself and thinking unkind thoughts, I am here to help you see how exquisite you truly are.

    During these times, let me reiterate that you are a Goddess.  Allow me to be your eyes when you can’t see that you are powerful. I will reflect back to you the amazing gifts you have to give the world. You have an essence that is exclusive to you. It is pure and perfect right now and forever. In case you have forgotten, you are sensual and feminine. I know you are capable of anything you put your mind to. I believe in you completely.

    When you don’t feel like a Goddess, I am here to remind you that you are.

  • Why I Dance - A Poem by Dolphina

    When I’m weary
    Feeling lost
    I dance

    When I grieve
    With endless tears
    I dance

    When I’m insecure
    And lonely
    I dance

    When I’m violated
    And need to forgive
    I dance

    When I hear music
    That tells my body to move
    I dance

    When my heart
    Explodes with joy
    I dance

    Every part of my mind, body & soul

    Reminds me
    Of who I truly am

    This is why I dance

  • The Goddess of Pampering: Elizabeth Arden - Pioneer of the Beauty Industry & Yoga!

    I am deeply grateful for the woman that gave us the gift and tools for pampering!

    Her name is Elizabeth Arden & positively every woman in the United States used her creams, perfumes and cosmetics, including Marilyn Monroe. Elizabeth was an unstoppable powerhouse created absolutely everything what we know today as the $150 billion global health and beauty industry.

    She was divinely inspired (obviously) when she opened the first modern day spa and beauty salon. In 1915 she began franchising these temples to beauty called The Red Door that are still in fashion today! She also formulated and manufactured her own cosmetic line and used modern mass marketing techniques to bring her products to the public. Additionally, she introduced the concept of the "makeover" in her salons. A true visionary, she also pioneered restorative exercises based on yoga – nearly 100 years ago!

    What a woman! She was a true luminous visionary whose products are still relevant today. Click here to read her entire inspiring story.

  • Contribute to Your Community with GoddessService

    GoddessService is a Non-profit organization of GoddessLife that will begin in 2010. GoddessService's mission is to sustain a nationwide grassroots network of socially conscious dance studios and dance instructors to implement dance-based empowerment programs in underserved settings like women’s shelters, teenage mentoring programs and nursing homes.

    I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the beauty of dance with so many, and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the profound interconnectedness we can feel through this great ancient tradition and help spread the empowerment and fun!

    If you are interested in participating in GoddessService, please contact us.