The Art of Seduction Workshop with Dolphina

Become a Divine Sex Goddess and make everyday Valentine’s Day 

The 3 hour Art of Seduction Workshop includes:

  • Learn to become the most intriguing woman in the room
  • Sacred lessons utilizing Kama Sutra & Tantric traditions
  • Irresistible flirting tips to cultivate your mystique
  • Learn how to inspire your partner to treat you with adoration
  • Sexy tips to enhance what you already know
  • Sensuous dance technique & MORE

Dolphina’s Goddess Gatherings are unforgettable and dedicated to the empowerment of women. They follow in the tradition of women getting together in a supportive, positive and dynamic environment. Along with the support of a community of strong, fun and sassy women, you will learn how to unleash your magnificent inner Goddess. Together we will turn the ordinary into extraordinary, the faded into fabulous and the dreary into darling!

Dolphina is the creator of The Goddess Workout classes, workshops, DVDs, books and CDs that have been showcased in over 100 magazines and numerous television and radio shows, including Conan, Ellen, Sex and the City as well as Time, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Fitness Magazines. She has 400 + certified Goddess Workout Instructors is 23 countries through her GoddessLife Teacher Training Retreats and Online Teacher Training to empower other women through teaching The Goddess Workout and becoming The Goddess in their community. She founded her company GoddessLife on her belief that every woman is a Goddess and is dedicated to making a difference in the world, one Goddess at a time.