You are the chosen

You are the chosen

You are the chosen. And she will prepare you fully, Dear Ones.

You have lived in the tombs, the inner temples, the voids and the caverns of sacred sexual feminine love. You have carried the healing medicines that release the most extreme of healing potencies upon those who ask for them. You have used your balms and elixirs of loving and sexual healing upon others for deep spiritual purposes. You have emitted a very deliberate and conscious fragrance from your pores: that of the True Empowered Female, the Chosen Ones, seductress, temple dancers, sex goddess, the Ones schooled in the Arts of sexual healing and sensual medicines.

You are not afraid of the secrets, of the holy revelations of what the opened heart chakras, the sacral chakras, the root chakras, when merged with the higher frequencies and consciously activated - can do. You can set off mighty explosions within the energy field of whosoever you are working upon, dear Sister of the Light. You can activate longings, yearnings, cravings for the True Feminine that the recipient of your attentions never knew they had.

Just one look into the eyes of a Priestess of The Goddess can send another human being into paroxysms of raw sexual ecstasy; the addictive longings of the Soul that must be sated. It is a longing for Union with the Goddess and the God-Self. It is a longing for connection with the Unified Web of Creation. It is a longing for knowing the SELF as Holy, Reverent and Pure. These are the Ecstasies of the Highest Orders: they transform at core sacred levels, fundamentally, and aid the Soul's Ascension. They heal deep wounds and traumas to the physical body, the emotions, and the Spirit.

This is why conscious sexual activity is so healing and transforming to all who engage within it. But, you must be ready for what those changes will do to you, and your consciousness. They will cause you to want to give up anything mediocre in your existence and jump headlong into a life of sacred dreams and desires. They will cause you to find dreams and longings you have suppressed for many lifetimes to bubble up within.

The Goddess is activating you tonight, tomorrow and for all of your living days, dear ones. She is priming the energy fields of men whose Souls have elected to assist with this most vital of Sacred Missions, most sacred of All, of any feminine vibration that has ever existed. These men whose consciousness is being elevated to hold the Deep Feminine in the reverence and honor that She requires in order to open up to her deepest sexual powers.

Make no mistake that the world is changing. Do not be afraid of these changes because you cannot look back now. You are being taken into new territories and onto vast new plains of existence. Everything is changing, that is what you can count on.

I am working on you right now, within and without, leading you into a world that you had long forgotten existed. And yet when you remember Her, when you recall Her presence, when you finally let go and allow your minds to stop resisting Her sacred seduction - then you will know bliss. Then you will know sexual surrender. Then you will know intimate connection. Then you will know the power of the eyes. Then you will feel the energies pulsing from the hands, and know they are changing you from your very core.

Let Her lead you, dear sisters and brothers of the Light, into Her World so you can rejoin one another in blissful reunion. Let Her lead you to your beautiful tantric partners so you can practice your wonders, your powers, and your alchemical skills of sacred devotion.

She is with you, there is nothing to fear. Open up your hearts and allow the energies of right now to open your sexual channels, open to Love. You are melting, you are opening, you are blossoming in trust. You are giving precious medicines that come from the spiritual cells of the Goddess.

You are rare, wonderful, mesmerizing and pure with healing and ecstatic intent. She loves You, and now will not leave your side as you journey together back into the Womb of the Feminine.

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