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  • You are a Golden Goddess

    You are a Golden Goddess You radiate golden light from within and attract like a magnet all the rays of the sun that surround you wherever you go. Sometimes you forget or haven't heard, so let me tell you the story of The 🌟 Temple of the Golden Goddess🌟 :
     Many years ago, there was a 🌟 Temple of a Golden Goddess🌟   

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  • She turned her wounds into power at a sacred waterfall in Hawaii

    “She turned her wounds into power.” In this picture I'm at a sacred waterfall the ancient Hawaiians used for ceremonial childbirth. I had just finished performing a private ritual for the 20 women attending my GoddessLife Retreat. They had all left and it was just nature, Hawaiian ancestors, my photographer and me. The transformational energy was the most powerful I had ever felt. In this picture I am holding space for my own darkness. The vibration of the sacred space gave me the courage to brave my most fiercest battle: facing my own core wounds. My soul asked for guidance on how to let go of this darkness, hopelessness, self-loathing and the belief that I am broken; so my spirit can be filled with love and light. The reply was, “show me all the parts of you that you don’t love so I know where to begin.” I surrendered and felt my soul descend like Persephone into the underworld. I wasn’t scared; I felt the warm embrace of the Divine Feminine. “Precious Soul, you are needed. What an immense act of bravery it was to agree to come here again in this period of tumultuous and dramatic ascension shifts on Earth. What an immensely courageous Soul you are. Breathe into the knowing that you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom. “ With the Divine’s empathetic vibrational message, I was able to just ‘be’ with the most unlovable parts of myself while also welcoming back the light.

    Dear Precious Souls, I wish for you that when the darkness, pain and judgment arises within that you that you are able to find or create a loving space where you can feel empathy towards your precious soul. That you know that you are needed here on this earth. That sometimes you need to experience this darkness to be able to resurrect to the light. That you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom. Blessed be.


    Women who are called into divine feminine service - that of raising the collective feminine spiritual vibration quotient on this planet - are not shrinking violets.

    These women - who no doubt possess an ocean of the purest unconditional love and compassion at their conjoined Hearts - must be strong, bold and wise enough to make waves wherever they are sent.

    These women are the Ones who walk into old paradigms and shake them up at their core. These women are the Ones who have heard the Call of the Mountains, of the Sea, and of the Stars and Wind, and are doing something about it.

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  • The Hike of My Life

    The Hike of my Life

    **warning**: this is the most personal & hard-core blogpost I have ever shared

    I don’t know precisely why I chose today, but I did.

    I decided to face my fears head on. I laced up my kicks with my heart in my throat and I drove to a hiking trail I haven’t hiked in over a year.

    It’s called Wildflower Park and every turn on the path is covered in happy flowers that appear to smile and tell you they love you. I cherished the trail so dearly that I hiked it religiously for two years. I even “checked-in” my hikes on Yelp (bad idea, girls). It wasn’t physically challenging, but journey lifted my spirit supreme.

    Then everything changed.

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  • Super Moon - Magical Moonlight

    Have you been reading all about tonight's special Super Moon? In celebration of the bodacious, beautiful, bright, silvery Goddess, I am re-posting my "Magical Moonlight" blog from May 2008.

    While I was driving home tonight from my bellydance gig in Malibu, I was so enchanted by the glow of the Full Moon and the illuminated path it created on the ocean that I nearly drove off a cliff! I began to think about how staggering the influence the Moon has on Earth: twice a day, it makes the waters of the oceans ebb and flow.  It takes about 1,500,000,000 horsepower for the Moon to drag the tides across the Earth each day. Sheesh, that's a lot of power! Scientists (those cuties with the white coats and coke-bottle glasses) say that our body is made up of 95% water. With all this power, the Moon (also known as Luna) must affect us, too, no doubt.  Perhaps which is why we attribute craziness and wild behavior to the Full Moon with the term: lunatic.

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